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Light-weight Original Blue Tekhelet (Radzin).

The original blue tekhelet are made from a dye produced from a snail.

It is the normal for this dye to rub off on your hands when you tie the threads. The die can also come off on the corners of the garment as you tie the threads. In some cases, the tekhelet dye can rub off onto the garment itself. In some batches of tekhelet, the dye will rub off more easily than in other batches. In some batches of tekhelet, the dye will barely rub off at all. Each batch is different, and this is the nature of the product.
This is for blue strings only. It does not include the tzitzit. You will need to purchase a set of white tzitzit separately.

One package is sufficient for 4 corners of tzitzit.

Prior knowledge in tying is necessary.

ItemIDSize Price Amount
TA-TTLB4 Blue Strings36.2$
TA-TTLB-MNS4 Blue Strings + Machine Made Tzitzit$23.7
TA-TTLB-TNS4 Blue Strings + Sephardi Thin Tzitzit$28.2
TA-TTLB-TNA4 Blue Strings + Ashkenaz Thin Tzitzit$28.2
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