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Tallit -> Classic Tallit -> Holidays White Kittel Design A

Made of cotton and polyester, this kittel is a robe worn by men for Jewish holidays.

Size guide:
Suit Size Kittel Size
34 or less Small
36-42 Medium
42-48 Large
50 XL
52 XL
54 XXL

ItemIDSize Price Amount
TA-KM-KTSSmall (length X width):47.2" x 47.2"$42.0
TA-KTMMedium (length X width):48.8" x 51.1"$44.0
TA-KM-KTLLarge(length X width):48.8" x 55.1"$46.0
TA-KM-KTXLXL (length X width):48.8" x 59"$48.0
TA-KM-KTXXLXXL (length X width):53.1" x 66.9"$50.0
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